‘This is HCD’ is a dedicated MeetUp event for people interested in human-centered design. It’s an invite-only MeetUp between 1 Guest, 4 invited members that are recorded as a podcast over breakfast.

How does it work?

Events are run monthly and are hosted at Humana’s offices, before the working day, over breakfast by Gerry Scullion and Mark Catanzeriti.

How is this MeetUp it different?

This MeetUp doesn’t follow the typical MeetUp format of beer and pizza after work. Thought-leaders are invited to have a conversation with 4 members from the MeetUp group. The conversation is recorded and uploaded as a Podcast shortly afterwards for the wider group to hear.

Why is it run this way?

There are many people running excellent MeetUp groups, and as a result, we wanted to do something that was a little different. Often at larger MeetUps, people are intimidated to get involved in the topic by asking questions and stick within their own group. We thought by making our events much smaller and more intimate we might increase the chances of creating a richer experience for new people in the industry and help forge relationships with people from different disciplines and experience levels.