3. Megan Dell – ‘What does effective human centered design leadership look like?’

This podcast is brought to you by ‘Sponsor the next podcast?’ Download this Episode | RSS Feed | iTunesĀ | PocketC [0:00:01.3] GS: Hello and welcome to another episode of This is HCD. In this episode, we speak to the brilliant...

/ August 17, 2017
Adrienne Tan

2. Adrienne Tan – ‘How product management and service design co-exist’

In this episode, we speak with Adrienne Tan, Co-Founder of leading Australian product management consultancy Brainmates. We discuss how the roles of service design and product management work together within organisations.

/ July 25, 2017

1: Anthony Quinn – ‘Dealing with career challenges, and increasing your influence as a designer in your organisation’

Anthony Quinn, Principal, Dynamic4, wants a world that's more connected, knowledgeable, sustainable and equitable. At Dynamic4, he draws on over 25 years of hands-on experience to inspire, motivate and enable people to reach their potential to use design to that...

/ May 20, 2017