Month: July 2019

Eva PenzeyMoog ‘Designing against domestic violence’

Good day, hello, and failte and thanks for tuning into Bringing Design Closer. My name is Gerry Scullion, founder of the Human Centred Design Network.

/ July 31, 2019
Gretchen Head Shot

Gretchen Anderson – Mastering Collaboration

Welcome to Power of Ten, a podcast about design operating at many levels, from thoughtful detail through organisational transformation, to the changes in society and the world.

/ July 23, 2019

Derek Horn ‘Undesigned world’

Hello, and welcome to another episode of This is HCD. I’m your host Chi Ryan and in this episode, I’m speaking to Derek Horn, a designer at Beardwood&Co., a New York-based branding agency focused on design, strategy, and innovation.

/ July 16, 2019

Phil Laufenberg ‘Unpicking Henry Ford’s ‘A faster horse’ quote’

Hello, and welcome to ProdPod. We’re a part of This is HCD. We’re bringing all human-centred practitioners real and honest conversations about product management. My name is Adrienne Tan and I’m the co-founder of Brainmates.

/ July 3, 2019