Month: July 2020

Rafa Sardina ’15-Grammy Award Winner Producer; How technology has affected the songwriting process and creation of music, and what Design can learn from it’

In this episode, I connect with a former producer of mine, that I was lucky enough to work with way back in 2006-2008, Rafa Sardina. 60-time Grammy-nominated, 15-time winner. With a client list that looks like the most celebrated artists...

/ July 30, 2020
Geke at work on a bench

Geke Van Dijk ‘Design Research for meaningful change’

Today on the show, is Geke Van Dijk, co-founder and strategy director of in Amsterdam and London and is Chair of the Dutch Chapter of the Service Design Network and also Co-Founder of The Reach Network a network of...

/ July 25, 2020
Bulelani Mfaco - This is HCD

Bulelani Mfaco ‘Surviving on the margins of society’

In this episode, I speak with Buelani Mfaco, an South African asylum seeker and activist based in Ireland - he’s a spokesperson for MASI, the movement of asylum seekers in Ireland and is an active voice in shedding light from...

/ July 16, 2020

The Big Remote – Jeroen Spoelstra

In this episode Jeroen Spoelstra talks to Andy about his and his partner's decision to relocate to a small pueblo in the Spanish Pyrénées and set up Unbeaten Studio and to be a mountain bike guide, and what lockdown meant...

/ July 14, 2020
tutti headshot

Tutti Taygerly ‘Design Leadership’

In this episode Tutti Taygerly describes her own journey from an eclectic education to design leadership at Facebook and now design leadership coaching that forms the core of her work.

/ July 8, 2020
Photo of Erika Hall with red scarf

Erika Hall ‘Speed: the most important factor in the customer / user experience’

In this episode, Gerry McGovern speaks with Erika Hall from Mule Design. Gerry discusses with Erika if we've ruined web design, and if we have, what do we do about it?

/ July 6, 2020