Month: August 2020

Aral speaking to another person

Aral Balkan ‘Unpacking design’s role in surveillance capitalism (and beyond)’

Today on the show, we have Aral Balkan - a cyborg rights activist, who is on a mission to spread the word about surveillance capitalism.

/ August 26, 2020

Vimla Appadoo ‘Diving Deep into the world of Culture Design’

In this episode, I had a really enjoyable conversation with the wonderful Vimla Appadoo, Co-Founder and Chief Cultural Officer for Honey Badger.

/ August 18, 2020

Bas Raijmakers ‘How do we take a global perspective on HCD while respecting local differences’

Today on the show, is Bas Raijmakers, co-founder and creative director of Standby, a specialist design research organisation for service innovation, based in London and Amsterdam.

/ August 11, 2020
Chris Coyier photo in a baseball cap

Chris Coyier ‘Easy to design, hard to use’

Chris Coyier talks to Gerry McGovern about how many of the tools and resources out there make it easy for developers and designers to create bloated, heavy, energy-sapping digital designs. Chris says we need new thinking and new tools that...

/ August 6, 2020

Dr Joanna Choukeir ‘Leading place-based design for health and wellbeing’

In this episode of Moments of Change with Melanie Rayment, Melanie speaks with the new Director of Design and Innovation at (Royal Society of Arts) about her experience in leading Design to enable positive outcomes for people.

/ August 6, 2020