Month: September 2020

Pinar Guvenc ‘Understanding Architecture’s role in designing inclusive spaces’

Today on the show, is Pinar Guvenc, Partner at SOUR, an architectural and design firm based in Brooklyn, New York

/ September 24, 2020

Dr Jane Hession & Ronan Healy ‘The Power of Play’

We speak about how they are using Lego Serious Play to help enable bigger and more meaningful conversations for their clients.

/ September 9, 2020
Kelly Ann McKercher portrait

Kelly Ann McKercher ‘Doing co-design for real’

In this episode of Moments of Change, Melanie Rayment speaks with the wonderful Kelly Ann McKercher.

/ September 4, 2020

Jared Spool ‘We will run out of things. We will run out of time.’

Climate change is not seen by most as an immediate crisis, so we don’t act with urgency. The digital world is fairly blind to what needs to be done because in digital design we don’t think deep, broad and wide...

/ September 1, 2020