Our Mission

Our mission with setting up this new website is totally altruistic. We’ve identified that there’s such an overwhelming appetite for learning more about the disciplines that surround HCD (UX, Service Design, Design Thinking, IX) but we wanted to create content that not only appealed to everyone but actually involved representative voices of the people from different experience levels.

What we hope This is HCD will achieve:

  1. Create valuable content about topics related to human-centered design
  2. Create events that include the voices of a represented audience (entry level through to senior level and beyond)
  3. Make the content more accessible to people who find it hard to get to the events, but don’t want to have to trail through hours of content. Podcasts are capped at 30 minutes – just the perfect time for your morning or evening commute home
  4. All people on the podcast will receive placement on the credits for each episode
  5. Create a charitable revenue stream by selling advertising on this website, and within each Podcast. 100% of the revenue generated through advertising will go to a CaraCare.org.au