Speaker requirements

As a guest on any of the This is HCD podcasts, we require some basic information.

  • 200 words about who you are, what you do and what experience you have delivering human-centered design experiences, products and/or services
  • A 400px x 400px profile photo – we use this in all materials related to your Episode
  • A 1300px wide image – we use this as the Featured Image on the website at the top of the Episode page. This is the image that gets used across social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Slack etc) for your speaker profile
  • We work collaboratively with you to get an episode image so when it gets published a unique phone is used to reflect the topic

Recording remotely

We use video and audio technology to connect remotely. What you will need is a dedicated internet connection and a microphone and in a quiet location.

At best, a stand-alone microphone like the Blue Yeti (works well). At worst, a set of Apple-ear phones (works just about okay). Our preference is always a dedicated stand-alone microphone as this ensures premium audio quality.