Decoding Culture with Dr John Curran

The podcast will focus on the importance that culture plays in all areas of business and society, from how it shapes organisations to how it influences consumer experience, design, and larger societal trends. By exploring culture through anthropology and ethnography, the podcast will give listeners new perspectives on innovation, marketing, leadership, organisational culture, design, consumer behaviour, and also border trends.

Laetitia Mimoun ‘Inbetween states’

Hello, and welcome to Decoding Culture Podcast on This is HCD. This is the first episode of decoding culture. I thought I’d give the listeners a short summary of what it’s all about.

/ October 24, 2019

Jo-Anne Bichard ‘What the Anthropologist sees: Public toilets as cultural spaces’

Hello, and welcome to Ethno Pod on This is HCD. My name is John Curran and I’m your guest host. I’m a business anthropologist, executive coach, and CEO of JC and Associates, which is a consultancy that explores how culture...

/ March 26, 2019