Completed Episodes

Senongo Akpem ‘Cross-Cultural Design’

Senongo Akpem talks about how living in constantly shifting cultural and physical spaces has given him unique insight into the influence of culture on communication and creativity and forms the basis of his book, Cross-Cultural Design.

/ April 6, 2020

The Big Remote ‘Sophie Lovett’

The Big Remote is a podcast of people's remote stories, collaboration tips, remote life hacks, tips on entertaining yourself and your kids, personal stories and more, hosted by Andy Polaine and Gerry Scullion.

/ April 4, 2020

The Big Remote – Matthew Voshell

In this episode Matthew Voshell, Head of Experience Design, Client Technology | FSO at EY joins Andy to share his tips and experience about managing a globally distributed team, and how the extroverts are handling the world of remote work.

/ March 31, 2020

The Big Remote – Dr John Curran

In this episode Dr John Curran, host of Decoding Culture on This is HCD, joins Andy to talk about the new normal, negotiating with family, being intentional with connecting with friends, and he comes up with a better phrase than...

/ March 25, 2020

Introducing ‘World Wide Waste’ with Gerry McGovern

We are thrilled to welcome Gerry McGovern to the This is HCD Team and delighted to present to you his new podcast, World Wide Waste. Available on all major podcast players. How do we design for less waste in digital?...

/ March 25, 2020
Amy Bucher

Amy Bucher ‘Understanding Behaviour Change Design and how it co-exists and compliments other design disciplines’

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Bringing Design Closer. My name is Gerry Scullion, and I'm a service designer, trainer, educator, and also the founder of This is HCD, based in Dublin City, Ireland. Bringing Design Closer is a...

/ March 25, 2020

Introducing The Big Remote

We're in the middle of an unprecedented social experiment with so many people working remotely and many entire families staying home. Yet there's so much that still connects us together and that we can learn from. The Big Remote is...

/ March 24, 2020

Introducing ‘Global Jams Podcast’

Welcome to the Global Jams podcast – a new podcast on the This is HCD network.

/ March 24, 2020

Sam Ladner ‘Working with Cross-Functional Teams’

Please join me as I talk with Sam Ladner about her new book, Mixed Methods. We cover some of Sam's critical insights, including: working in cross-functional teams, the importance of artifacts, creating psychological safety, luxuriating in the customer, and data...

/ March 18, 2020

Talking Shop #006 – Design Politics 2020 goes virtual

Gerry and Andy discuss the new plans for Design Politics 2020 in the light of the coronavirus situation, a bumper crop of books in Andy's Book Corner for your reading now that you're stuck at home all day, a study...

/ March 17, 2020
Douglas Ferguson headshot

Douglas Ferguson ‘Beyond the Prototype’

Douglas Ferguson talks about his book, Beyond the Prototype, which offers a six step plan for companies struggling with the shift from discovery to launch, especially in the post-sprint slump and his experience working directly with the Google Ventures Design...

/ March 15, 2020

Stefan Stern ‘Finding ‘The Why’ in Leadership’

Hi, and welcome to episode 4 of the Decoding Culture podcast on This Is HCD. The podcast focuses on the importance that culture plays in all areas of business and society, from how it shapes organizations and teams to how...

/ March 11, 2020

Rebecca Cooper & Mandy Rogers ‘Leading Women in Product’

Today I'm talking to Rebecca Cooper, Product Manager at SafetyCulture, And Mandy Rogers, a Digital Product Manager at Transport for New South Wales. It's commonly known that product management is a tough gig.

/ March 7, 2020

Lou Downe – ‘Good Services’

Lou Downe, Director of Design and Transformation for the UK government, where they’re leading change in the UK’s housing sector, talks about their new book, Good Services, How to Design Services that work and how we need to start with a...

/ February 25, 2020

Raven Kaliana ‘Examining trauma and using puppetry as a transformative tool’

Hello, and welcome to Bringing Design Closer. My name is Gerry Scullion and I’m a service designer and trainer based in Dublin City, Ireland. Bringing Design Closer is a podcast dedicated on shining the light on the complexities of unbedding...

/ February 13, 2020

Talking Shop #005 – Our Conference is LIVE!

We finally did it! Our conference went live today, Monday 10th February 2020 and we sold out our first lot of super-early bird tickets. In this episode, Gerry Scullion and Andy Polaine chat about what the plans are for the...

/ February 10, 2020