Chris Coyier photo in a baseball cap

Chris Coyier ‘Easy to design, hard to use’

Chris Coyier talks to Gerry McGovern about how many of the tools and resources out there make it easy for developers and designers to create bloated, heavy, energy-sapping digital designs. Chris says we need new thinking and new tools that...

/ August 6, 2020

Dr Joanna Choukeir ‘Leading place-based design for health and wellbeing’

In this episode of Moments of Change with Melanie Rayment, Melanie speaks with the new Director of Design and Innovation at theRSA.org (Royal Society of Arts) about her experience in leading Design to enable positive outcomes for people.

/ August 6, 2020
Photo of Erika Hall with red scarf

Erika Hall ‘Speed: the most important factor in the customer / user experience’

In this episode, Gerry McGovern speaks with Erika Hall from Mule Design. Gerry discusses with Erika if we've ruined web design, and if we have, what do we do about it?

/ July 6, 2020

Chris Gray ‘Dealing with PTSD as a result of working as a social media content moderator’

In this episode, I speak with Chris Gray, former content moderator for CPL a service provider and content moderation organisation for many of the large tech businesses. We speak about Chris’s experience moderating for Facebook, what that looks like on...

/ May 22, 2020

Jeff Sussna ‘Services as a chain of promises’

In this episode, Jeff Sussana, known for introducing the global DevOps community to the importance of empathy and author of Designing Delivery: Rethinking IT in the Digital Service Economy, talks about the importance of systems and design thinking and services...

/ May 15, 2020

Eric Meyer ‘Overcoming complexity’s invisible force’

Welcome to World Wide Waste, a podcast about how digital is killing the planet, and what to do about it. Eric Meyer is a passionate advocate of designing for humanity, of leaving no one behind when you create your design,...

/ May 13, 2020
Writing is Designing book

Michael J. Metts & Andy Welfle – ‘Writing Is Designing’

Michael J Metts and Andy Welfle discuss their new book, Writing is Designing, and how important words are in making software human-centered and inclusive, requiring just as much thought as the visual design, branding and code.

/ January 23, 2020
Genevieve Bell on this is hcd

Genevieve Bell ‘Anthropology, cybernetics, and establishing a new branch of engineering at ANU’

Anthropology and computer science go back much further than many realize; and the relationship between the two continues to evolve. Join me as I talk with Genevieve about the relationship between technology and culture, cybernetics, and the story behind the...

/ January 7, 2020

Jonathon Colman ‘Building world class Design teams’

Welcome to another episode of Bringing Design Closer. My name is Gerry Scullion and I’m a service design trainer and practitioner based in Dublin City, Ireland.

/ November 19, 2019

Alan Smith ‘Helping businesses design value with Strategyzer’

Hello, and welcome to Bringing Design Closer. My name is Gerry Scullion and I’m a service design trainer a practitioner based in Dublin City, Ireland. I was in Toronto recently for the service design networks global conference and caught up...

/ October 29, 2019

Zoë Murray ‘Moving careers into Design Research’

In this episode we chat with Design Researcher at the BBC, Zoë Murray. We learn about how she moved careers to land her first job in UX.

/ October 21, 2019

Lisa Welchman ‘Managing Chaos’

Hello, and welcome to Power of Ten. A podcast about design operating at many levels—zooming out from thoughtful detail, to organisational transformation, and to changes in society and the world.

/ October 10, 2019
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Dana Chisnell ‘Design for all: Using Design to improve civic outcomes for the US Government’

Hello, and welcome to Bringing Design Closer. My name is Gerry Scullion and I’m a human-centred design practitioner based in Dublin City, Ireland. In this episode, I caught up with the wonderful, the one and only, Dana Chisnell.

/ September 24, 2019

Leah Buley & Aarron Walter – ‘InVision’s Design Maturity Model’

My name is Andy Polaine, a designer, educator, and writer, and currently group director of client evolution at Fjord.

/ June 19, 2019

Georgie Smallwood ‘N26 – Building the financial foundations of the future of neo-banking’

Hello, my name is Gerry Scullion and welcome to Bringing Design Closer, which is part of the This is HCD Network. I’m a service design practitioner and trainer based in Dublin City, Ireland.

/ May 21, 2019

Aleth Gueguen ‘Looking at Design through a GDPR lens’

Hello, and welcome to Bringing Design Closer. My name is Gerry Scullion and I’m a service design practitioner based in Dublin City, Ireland. I caught up with Aleth Gueguen, a GDPR legal specialist based on Nantes, France. We chat about...

/ April 9, 2019