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coaching & mentoring
Engaging in one-on-one conversations with Gerry will help you lift barriers, give meaning to the training content and deepen the understanding of how and where you can make a difference.
All Coaching & Mentoring clients gain 100% access to all of Gerry's video courses (RRP €1400) plus access to both CIRCLE and ChangeSpace for the duration of the coaching programme as well as a physical copy of Gerry's 'Daily Planner' book to help manage not just your workflow - but also your energy levels.
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What others say

Gerry only works with a small set of changemakers at one time. This is entirely ententional as he gives his full attention to each person throughout the programme, ensuring they all feel supported and listened to.

Read the awesome testimonials from many of Gerry's coachee's who have completed his programme - many who remain active as coachees on the follow on programme.

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Inexpressible value.

Being coached by Gerry in a phase of my life where things are tremendously changing, have been of inexpressible value. As a great designer, he seeks to understand and see you as a person. He has the power of asking the right questions that hit you right in the face. He regularly tells me, "I think you already have all the answers", and he's right, we always do, we're just maybe not ready yet to see or accept them. And he does just that: help you see things that are kind of already there. Open doors. Offer perspective.

Also, the sessions are always a surprise. No matter what I prepare and have in my head, he always surprises me with another angle that I was maybe still avoiding. He combines both intelligent (and selfmade!) tooling and good conversation to complete your coaching goals. And if you love reading books, he has a great library to recommend you books on almost anything. Love it! Also, the bonus access to his courses and change maker space are awesome and shows how generous Gerry is in sharing his knowledge with the world on design as he's on a quest to make it a better place.(Yes, he's a change maker!)

Finally, Gerry is so super fun to work with, he has a great sense of humour and a gift to keep things light when needed. What a charm. So rest assured you will have great laughs with him too :-)I highly recommend Gerry as a coach.

He is highly invested in you and your goals."

Emely, Chief Design Officer, Belgium

He stands by me, lifts my confidence and self-belief when self-doubt kicks in.

Im grateful for the exceptional coaching Gerry provided me. He adeptly strikes a beautiful balance between being my biggest cheerleader and  motivational challenger.  He's like my long-lost favourite uncle, I can talk to him openly about my personal and professional challenges.

As a coach, he stands by me, lifts my confidence and self-belief when self-doubt kicks in.What I like about Gerry's approach is he's not just a "hype you up" coach. He continually challenges me to level up, setting clear goals and actions that keep me moving forward.

He was particularly helpful in guiding me with the first steps of starting my own business and connecting me with his network of professionals. Beyond his professional expertise and knack for bringing laughter in our coaching sessions, I deeply value him as a wonderful human being whose main priority is to be off service and provide the maximum value he can offer his coachees.

Sherry, Service Designer, Australia

Tailored coaching sessions

I recently completed a 12-week coaching program with Gerry, and I can't speak highly enough about the experience. When I started the program, I felt stuck professionally and personally.One of the standout elements of this program was the personalized approach. Gerry took the time to understand my unique challenges and tailored the coaching sessions to address them specifically. I also appreciated the accountability aspect of the program; it helped me to stay focused and make tangible progress each week. The tools and strategies I've gained are not just quick fixes; they are long-term solutions that I will continue to benefit from.I highly recommend Gerry's coaching program to anyone who is seeking real change and is willing to put in the work to achieve it.

Gaurav, Service Designer, Scotland

An expert, gently guiding you to focus on the right things.

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Gerry for over a year. Gerry brings a wealth of knowledge and diverse experience to our sessions together. His light-hearted style keeps the discussion of challenging topics fun and engaging. He is an expert in gently guiding you to focus on the right things, and making meaningful connections to relevant resources. I leave every call with him feeling energized and excited to tackle more in the service design space.

Laura, Service Designer, Canada

Feel safe & Heard

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect; I just had a very vague challenge in my mind that I wanted to explore with Gerry. Our connection, as people, as well as as mentor/coach and mentee, was immediate! Making people feel safe, heard and appreciated is for me one of the main values of a good designer (and coach) and is definitely one of Gerry's greatest strengths; along with his undeniable humour and unique way to create engaging experiences for participants. During these 5 sessions Gerry shared with no hesitation previous case studies, tools that he has created and innumerable valuable tips. But it was the conversation that he facilitated that helped me to discover what the real problem was, that I had to tackle.There are not enough words that I can use in order to recommend Gerry. I'll just say that: If you're not only looking for a 5-star designer / consultant / coach / trainer but also for someone that will deeply care and immerse himself in your problem to help / facilitate you find your way towards the best course of action, then you should look no further!

Vasia, Service Designer, Greece

Connecting theory to real life design experiences

Gerry has been the coach I needed to help work out my path and next steps as a Service Designer. He has a great rapport and knows the ways to help you get unstuck practically. He’s a great storyteller and doesn’t hold back in connecting theory to real life design experiences he has seen to help you apply the coaching.  He makes it feels easy to discuss the conversations you’ve been having with yourself about your career and skills. Just what you need in a coach.

Richard, Service Designer, UK

Knowledge & Expertise

I’ve had the good fortunate to be coached by Gerry since 2022. Gerry’s knowledge and experience combined with his sense of humor and down to earth style make our sessions not only valuable but truly enjoyable. He’s an expert in his field and my own knowledge and experience has grown immensely since I started connecting with him.

Andrea, Service Designer, Canada

Fresh, relevant and provocative

I was offered the opportunity by my business to be coached by Gerry. Working with Gerry was a great experience, and he helped guide me through the process of helping enable HCD in my organisation. I would recommend working with Gerry to anyone in the Service Design, UX or Leadership space.

Andrew, UX Lead, UK

Delivering value for change-makers

Our Coaching and Mentoring Programme has been carefully designed to deliver maximum value and impact to change-makers.

  • 5 x 1:1 sessions across a 12-week period
  • Recorded access to all sessions (if requested)
  • WhatsApp or Signal access with Gerry for ad-hoc programme advice
  • Access the full library of courses by Gerry worth €1400 for duration of the programme
  • Premium This is HCD podcast access for 12-months
  • Access to CIRCLE and CHANGESPACE for 12-weeks
  • PLUS exclusive course content only available to people on the Coaching Programme
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Gerry Scullion

Educator, Designer & Podcaster

Based in Dublin, Ireland. Service Designer, Educator, Design Researcher and Interaction Designer with 20+ years experience.

Coaching Vs Mentoring.

What is the difference?

In a mentoring relationship the mentor guides the mentee in the right direction, making use of knowledge, expertise and experience.

In a coaching relationship the coach partners with clients in a non-directive creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Gerry offers both of these and it's determined in the chemistry call (see below).

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One team.

On your side.

It is important to understand that Gerry willnot tell you what to do, how to do it, or do the work for you.

He will bring their “savoir-faire” to challenge you and ask you just the right questions, allowing you to find the answers you’re looking for.

Getting started.

Schedule a chemistry meeting.

It all starts with a 30-minute “chemistry meeting” (free of charge).

In this call, you will share your motivation, goals and personal needs with Gerry and together you’ll decide if there is enough “chemistry” to start a coaching or mentoring track.

If we agree to work with each other, we will draw up a contract, arrange a payment method, and move forward.

If not, Gerry will aim to connect you and point you in the right direction :-)

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Payment Options.

We have various options to cater to your needs.

We offer various ways for you to pay;

  • Invoice and bank transfer
  • Credit card and digital payment
  • Flexi-Pay (Split payments across 3 or 6-months)
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Flexible Payments.

We know that Coaching & Mentoring can be expensive but we believe this is an investment both into yourself and your career.

We offer flexible payments across any of the three options listed above. All payments can be spread over 3 or 6-months.

Please get in touch for a custom price list if any of the items below are related to you.

We want to try and make this service as inclusive as possible.

Get in touch for a custom price list if you;
  • are from/based within a developing country
  • have recently been made redundant
  • are working within academia or a full-time student
  • are from a marginalise group
  • are impacted by your local currencies performance globally
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About Gerry

This is HCD, a global podcast and design community and former CEO of This is Doing.

This is HCD includes a #1 podcast on topics to enable change, a newsletter read by 3000+ subscribers and online training Human Centered Design College that was launched in mid-2022.

He is an author of the 'Service Design for Executives' course on Pluralsight. He has over 20-years professional design experience across a range of industries such as finance, healthcare, media, public services, social media, fin-tech and both traditional and online publishing.

He coaches Design & Innovators across the globe on Design Research, UX Design, Service Design, Online Learning.

He offers public and private training through This is HCD as well as offering Design Research and Service Design consulting through Humana Design.

Read about the This is HCD Story

Gerry Scullion

Educator, Designer & Podcaster

Based in Dublin, Ireland. Service Designer, Educator, Design Researcher and Interaction Designer.