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We are always looking for great people to join our mission of connecting the world of change-makers to help make the world a better place. We already have Chapters in UK, Ireland, Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin and Cameroon.

Let's talk about what is involved & needed in becoming a Chapter Lead.

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Set up.

You should have a quiet space to host the events.

A strong internet connection is required and you will need to provide your own webcam.


As a Chapter Lead you have full autonomy.

You get to choose the themes and topics of every event. If you need help working through ideas, we can support you through this, and utilise the huge network that we have accumulated already. We aim to connect you with the best and most respected leaders in whatever space you want to focus on.


We aim for 6 events per year.

Your local community might take time to grow, but will happen over time. To ensure this happens, we like to aim for 6-online events a year. Each event can be 45 minutes - 120 minutes long.


We cover all of the marketing costs.

We promote the events through the global This is HCD / This is Doing monthly newsletter. We also promote it via our Global Voices podcast on the This is HCD Network. We also promote via paid Google Ads and social media (primarily LinkedIn and Twitter).


All of our hosts receive a coupon for training with This is Doing.

Each year our hosts receive a coupon for €1500 training value on any of our courses. Pretty cool, huh? Plus all hosts get a free ticket to any of the Doing Design Festivals that we run.

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