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Our Private Community is a space for change-makers to connect and discuss important factors to enable change for the better.

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Application only

This is a curated space, meaning that an application process is required to be considered.


A community takes time and energy to provide the framework and governance.

We have tried to keep costs as low as possible at €10 per month.


1-hour per month.


A safe and supportive environment for members to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Members can engage in meaningful conversations, exchange feedback, and collaborate on projects without fear of judgment or criticism.

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Application does not guarantee access


What You’ll Get

  • 60-minute community session led by Gerry Scullion
  • Access to a private dedicated space that is moderated with a code of conduct
  • Curated members that adhere to our Diversity and Inclusivity policy
  • All video recording shared internally (and securely)
  • A dedicate ad-free This is HCD podcast feed (very easy to set up!)
I want to create a space for people who are serious about their craft. To provide focussed experiences to share powerful messages to help drive the industry forward. In affect, I want to provide a curated space that helps people cut through the noise.

Gerry Scullion, Founder of The Human Centered Design Network