We are so delighted to welcome Adrienne to the podcast as a host and are really excited about the conversations that will be captured moving forward. I believe the different conversational perspectives of Design looking into Product and vice versa, can really help drive deeper learnings between the two disciplines.

Earlier this year, I founded This is HCD, a podcast dedicated to the craft of human-centered design. The background to me creating this podcast is a long story, that involves lots of little ideas, a large-scale Government project that I was involved in, that collectively came together to form This is HCD.

What’s different about this podcast to many others?

What’s different about This is HCD is it’s not just experts speaking to experts about design related topics – it focuses on capturing a representative voice of the industry on HCD related topics. We source talent from a cultivated This is HCD Slack channel that actively helps shape podcast conversations before they happen.

This is HCD podcast includes content related to practitioners of:

  • Service Design
  • User Experience
  • User Interface Design
  • Product Management
  • Development
  • Design Leadership

Each episode is focused around an invited guest and one or two other practitioners discussing a topic related to HCD. It’s recorded early in the morning, and the guests have breakfast with everyone before we start the tape running.

All sponsorship proceeds are donated to Cara Care

In the background, we also try and bring on advertisers to sponsor individual podcast episodes. 100% of the proceeds go directly to Cara Care, an NSW based non-government organisation that supports children who have suffered abuse. I worked directly with them whilst working on a large-scale Government project recently, and was deeply impressed by every single person in their organisation, from the Founders all the way through to their chief TCL operator, Toby the dog. Cara Care does things differently. Cara Care is a truly and deeply ‘human centered’ organisation without even knowing about the methodology that we speak about on a day to day basis.

How Adrienne came to be involved

The second podcast we did was with Adrienne Tan and we all had a great time recording it. Adrienne is a natural on the mic and is a natural host, who is responsible for one of Sydney’s best Meetups, Product Talks, as well as the Leading the Product product management conference in Australia.

Pic. Adrienne with Mark Catanzariti, co-organiser and Sydney host.

Adrienne says “Being part of the This is HCD team demonstrates that there is a strong relationship between the discipline of Product Management and Design. It’s going to be a lot of fun!”

Adrienne’s first podcast as a host will be with the excellent Kirsten Mann, GM of Global Design for Aconex. In this podcast, they’ll discuss the role of Design Thinking within an organisation as it matures from a design perspective.

Posted by Gerry Scullion

Founder of This is HCD and host of Bringing Design Closer. Director of Humana Design a human-centered service design practice in Dublin, Ireland. Fellow of RSA.