If careful design prevents problems before they happen, then careful content does too. That’s where UX writing comes in—the art of writing the words in the interface or the words you encounter during your experience with a product or service.

Rachel MullinsIt covers everything from the microcopy that helps you navigate a screen or complete a transaction, to the longer-form copywriting that persuades and offers guidance.

So who writes the UX content? In the past, it would often be the designer, the business analyst or even the developer. But the role of UX writer is an emerging subspecialty of design, and many of the big tech companies (Google, Apple and Dropbox just for starters) now have dedicated writers taking care of the words.

We are really excited to have Rachael Mullins on the podcast next week where we will be discussing all of the items mentioned above, as well as offering some writing tips for making your interfaces clear, concise and helpful.

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Posted by Gerry Scullion

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