Nick Coster

Nick Coster is the Head of Training and a Co-founder of Brainmates, Australia’s only business dedicated to the professional development of Product Management people. 

With over 20 years as a Product Management practitioner and 10 years as a Product Management trainer and coach he has developed deep knowledge and experience in every facet of the role. 

Based in Sydney, Nick has trained thousands of aspiring and experienced product management professionals. 

Together with Adrienne Tan, Nick developed the Brainmates Product Management framework that draws together all the steps required to take a product idea through validation, design, development, launch and beyond into it’s ongoing product cycle.

Nick’s experience in Product Management started in the late nineties, so he experienced the bad old days before Agile in large corporations. Since then he has held product management and development roles at Telstra BigPond, Excite@Home, Optus, Westpac and eBay.

Since 2007, Nick has been teaching Product Management at Brainmates with courses that include: the Essentials of Product Management, Business Case Masterclass, Practical Agile for Product Managers, AIPMM Certified Product Manager exam readiness.

Nick regularly speaks at industry events and conferences in Australia and overseas and is a global thought-leader, speaker and author in modern Product Management practices.

Nick brings the classroom theory into practice on a regular basis in his consulting work that ranges from single day facilitated workshops to longer term engagements. This keeps him constantly engaged with the “real world” outside the training room. 
These consulting engagement cross company and industry boundaries with clients from medical devices, media, property development, fitness software, pay TV and more.

Posted by Gerry Scullion

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