As a content strategist in the experience design team at Seamless, Rachael works closely with designers and developers to ensure a great content experience throughout their products and beyond.

Rachel MullinsIn over 10 years in tech, Rachael’s goal has always been to get the right information to the right user at the right time, whether she’s working as a content strategist, a UX writer or a technical writer. She’s eternally curious about the best ways to write for interfaces and the web and uses what she learns to design better content and shape strategy. She’s passionate about plain language, content-first design, and using words to build better experiences.

In 2017 Rachael presented a talk at UX Australia on bringing out your inner UX writer, later expanding on the topic in a blog post.

Rachael has worked on a range of products and services across web, mobile and desktop, including website and form builders, a CMS, a payroll app, retail point-of-sale products and accounting software. Over the years she’s seen writers shift from working in silos to being embedded in design and development teams, and she looks forward to a (hopefully near) future where content is given the care it deserves.

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