Elizabeth is a strategic design leader who has been involved in developing market-leading products for over 21 years.

Elizabeth PekShe started learning the design craft back in the day when Netscape Navigator was the dominant browser in the digital space! Since then, she has built and led UX & CCD teams across many industries including in Financial Services, Telecommunication, Health and Fitness.

Elizabeth’s passion is to help create a better future that delivers WIN-WIN for business and customer, by using Agile, Lean Startup and Human Centred Design approaches. She also gets a lot of satisfaction from coaching teams and helping companies maximise their Design capabilities, and to help them ‘join the dots’.

Elizabeth is currently at BT Financial Group (part of Westpac) and she has a dual role. As the Director of Experience Design, she’s responsible for leading a multi-disciplinary design practice for a transformation program that will deliver a new wealth operating system for Westpac. She’s also a Product Owner for a people transformation program where she gets to connect with and deliver CCD training to the BT & Westpac product communities.

Posted by Gerry Scullion

Founder of This is HCD and host of Bringing Design Closer. Founder and CEO of This is Doing Ltd.

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