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Frequently Asked Questions —

Some answers to commonly asked question.

About Us
Do we accept requests to be interviewed?

We sure do! We love to get requests, but traditionally prefer referrals from within our Network.

I applied to join the Slack community, but haven't heard back.

We don't respond to applications to join the Slack community, but we do check every application with the information that you supplied. If the links didn't work in your application, it's rare that we will follow up to tell you. So feel free to try again - but we only permit Practitioners of HCD to the Slack community.

I'm having technical difficulty with my podcast app

We are sorry that you have issues with your podcast app, but we are unable to offer technical support.

I'm interested in forming a This is HCD / Community in my area

Great! Let's chat. Feel free to get in touch. The things we tend to look for in Chapter Leads are pro-activity in the HCD community, and willingness to do good.

My interview is online, what do I need to record online?

1. It goes without saying, but you will need a high-quality internet connection, and ideally via an ethernet cable, as wifi can sometimes drop out.

2. A quiet space amongst soft furnishings is ideal. Hard surfaces like glass and tiles create a very lively room, and as a result, adds to some complexity in editing at the end.

3. A USB microphone like a Blue Yeti is ideal. If you don’t have a USB powered mic, a gaming headset with a microphone on it is probably second best, and lastly, built-in earphones are the last resort. You can pick up a pretty decent USB mic for under $100 on Amazon, and you can use it for all your video conference calls – your colleagues will thank you for it!

4. When recording, shut off Dropbox, Google Drive and BOX. All of these can take some bandwidth and we want to ensure we are getting the highest quality available.

5. Use a modern web browser to connect to the session. Make sure it is updated and everything is working before you get on the call. We have started using Webcams as part of the recording process, so if you prefer not to show your face, that is okay! But it’s something to be aware of.