Our Story

We have been creating podcasts for the change-maker community since 2017, starting out in the wonderful city of Sydney, and now based out of Dublin, Ireland.

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Our beginnings —  

What started out as a side-project in 2017, that then quickly became much more. We started out in the wonderful city of Sydney, Australia - recording in the offices of Humana Design on Castlereagh Street in the City. Over the rest of 2017, we started to get included in many of the Best Design Podcasts of HCD and UX.

From then, we've improved aspect of our production process ten times over (and will probably do it all over again many more times in the coming years).

We are all Practitioners.

All of the Hosts on This is HCD are practitioners of their respective disciplines and leaders in their field.

We always felt that there were too many podcasts out there that focussed on 'talking' about impact, but not many spoke about the 'Doing' or more importantly about Designs 'impact'. This is at its very core, the reason why we exist. We want to highlight to the world, all the wonderful practitioners who are doing amazing work, and help shine a light on them.

We want to empower people to stand up, take action and help make the world a better place.

What our community says —  

We have listeners in 140+ countries around the world, and over 900,000 downloads.

Data from: 1st June 2023.

I love the HCD podcast because it’s range of material is so diverse and not just craft focused but ideas focused

Elena Berton

The 'This is HCD' community has been an incredible support network for me getting started in Design. It is amazing to be part of an incredible global group that is so happy to offer a helping hand if you ever need it!

Rebekah Murphy

You're only as good as the people around you. The HCD community and podcast is a great network of people  and an awesome podcast.

Danny Seals