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Anthony Quinn 'Dealing with career challenges, and increasing your influence as a designer in your organisation'

John Carter
May 19, 2017
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Anthony Quinn 'Dealing with career challenges, and increasing your influence as a designer in your organisation'

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We caught up with Anthony Quinn recently and had a fascinating conversation.

For anyone who has seen Anthony speak at design, conferences will know what a strong design thinker he is. We chat about how he got into design, how motivations and also took questions relating to the topics of career challenges from people working in the industry, and also how to increase your influence in an organisation.

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Anthony Quinn, Principal at

Anthony Quinn, Principal, Dynamic4 Like you, Anthony Quinn, wants a world that’s more connected, knowledgeable, sustainable and equitable. At Dynamic4, he draws on over 25 years of hands-on experience to inspire, motivate and enable people to reach their potential to use design to that end. LinkedIn Twitter @AnthonyQuinnArt


Vera Chan is a Senior User Experience designer at Symplicit. She has worked with a variety of clients such as NBNco, Telstra, Transport for NSW, Westpac and most recently with NAB. She’s a local leader of IxDA Sydney. She is the co-organiser of the Mentoring program at IxDA Sydney, which provides a platform for new designers to be mentored by someone more experience. LinkedIn:

Dharawan Noller is a Service Designer at Westpac. She believes human centred design, storytelling and visual thinking are powerful ways to improve the lives of everyday people. Her background is in customer experience research, various visual support for strategy projects, with roots in Industrial Design and Architecture. Link:

Kevin Chan, UX Designer

Peter Nesic, Product Manager

Links mentioned in the podcast

  • Jetpack For Changemakers is a free, 2-hour workshop for people who want to build a strong for-purpose business Jetpack.Dynamic4.Com
  • Power by Jeffrey Pfeffer
  • Management BS, also by Jeffrey Pfeffer
  • Secrets of Power Negotiating, by Roger Dawson (Full of very useful tactics)

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Episode Transcript

John Carter
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