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George Aye 'Understanding Power and it's role within Human Centered Design'

John Carter
September 29, 2021
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George Aye 'Understanding Power and it's role within Human Centered Design'

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Welcome to Bringing Design Closer, the podcast focussed on discussing Designs role in tackling  complex societal issues. Our goal is to have conversations that inspire and to help move the dial forward for organisations to become more human-centred in their approach to solving complex business and societal problems.

In this episode I speak with the brilliant, George Aye - Co-Founder of Great Good Studio in Chicago - a Design Firm dedicated to the social sector. George has had an expansive career to date, working in many complex social issues globally - He’s adjunct professor at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

We speak about Human-Centered-ness in this podcast. Just what do we mean when we say HCD and we discuss the problems it faces when being applied - what is causing the term to lose its power and the role education and large consultancies play.

We talk about what often gets missed when HCD work is undertaken, and also cover off the criteria for taking on projects at Greater Good Studio - and the role power plays in that selection process.

Let’s jump into it -

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John Carter
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