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Sindhu Bhat 'Breaking into a career in Service Design'

John Carter
August 17, 2021
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Sindhu Bhat 'Breaking into a career in Service Design'

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Hello and welcome to another episode of Getting Started in Design, I am your host Gerry Scullion, service designer and educator and founder of This is HCD Network and CEO of This is Doing.

This podcast is focussed on shining a light on the tricky stages between education and employment and also covers moving careers into Design. We realise it’s not a simple career to break into, and I myself can totally relate to this, and often reflect back on the time (a long time ago when I struggled for a few years to catch a break).

In this episode I chat with Sindhu Bhat, a service design student from Bangalore in India but based in Ireland. Sindhu contacted me recently to speak to her class about service design and we instantly connected - I was inspired about the journey from Film School in India that took her to IBM as an Experience Designer. This led her to reevaluate and return to study, move across the world to study service design. We chat about some of complexities that Sindhu has overcome to date in her career, and also what the future holds for her as she embarks on the next chapter of her career as a service designer - what problems she sees and what she plans to do to tackle them.

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