Hello and welcome to another episode of Bringing Design Closer!

Today on the show, is Bas Raijmakers, co-founder and creative director of Standby, a specialist design research organisation for service innovation, based in London and Amsterdam. Bas is also a co-founder of the Reach Network (I’ll throw a link to this in the show notes). For those of you who don’t know what Reach Network is, it’s a global network of agencies specialising in human-centred design research – a wonderful organisation and definitely worth checking out.

Bas is also a partner of This is Doing, and works alongside myself and a host of other amazing people. Some of the courses that Bas has live centre around life centred design, and we discuss in this episode the local differences of HCD and how people are currently researching, and what are the common problems in this. How can we as practitioners become more culturally inclusive? Bas is a wonderfully deep thinker and has fantastic insights into what we need to do, to not only improve Design (with a capital D) but also how we can make more of a global impact with our work.

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Posted by Gerry Scullion

Founder of This is HCD and host of Bringing Design Closer. Founder and CEO of This is Doing Ltd.

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