Hello and welcome to another episode of BDC. My name is Gerry Scullion, and I’m a service designer, and founder of This is HCD and CEO of This is Doing – we provide live online design and innovation classes, providing training for service designers, design researchers, product managers, user experience designers and much more.

Today on the show, is Geke Van Dijk, co-founder and strategy director of https://www.stby.eu/ in Amsterdam and London and is Chair of the Dutch Chapter of the Service Design Network and also Co-Founder of The Reach Network a network of human-centred design agencies centred on service innovation. 

Geke is one of the most experienced design researchers that I know and has worked in this space since in the early ’90s.

In this episode, we chat about design research for meaningful change. We discuss organisational purpose and intent and how to do you, as a practitioner determine is a project or business is say “good” – what is “good” who defines “good”. 

Posted by Gerry Scullion

Founder of This is HCD and host of Bringing Design Closer. Founder and CEO of This is Doing Ltd.

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