We’re in the middle of an unprecedented social experiment with so many people working remotely and many entire families staying home. Yet there’s so much that still connects us together and that we can learn from. The Big Remote is a podcast of people’s remote stories, hosted by Andy Polaine and Gerry Scullion on This is HCD.

Maybe this is all new and they’re discovering a new lifestyle. Maybe they’ve been working remotely all this time and now everyone else in their company has joined them, or perhaps their freelance life has turned upside down.

The Big Remote dives into guests’ remote work and collaboration tips, remote life hacks, tips on entertaining yourself and your kids, personal stories and more.

If you have a story, get in touch or hit us up on Twitter.

N.B. The first episode will appear in the main This is HCD feed, then the rest will be in The Big Remote’s own feed available at all the places you normally get podcasts.

Posted by Andy Polaine

Service Designer & Innovation Consultant, Educator, Trainer, Coach, Podcaster, Author of Service Design: From Insight to Implementation

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