Welcome to the Global Jams podcast – a new podcast on the This is HCD network. 

The Global Jams are the world’s biggest service design thinking and doing events. In the Global Jams Podcast we share the latest perspectives on running successful Jams, sprints and hacks. 

We show how anyone can join the productive fun, and connect the global community of Hosts and Jammers.

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In this episode the co-initiators of the Global Jams Markus Hormeß and Adam Lawrence will talk about why there is a need for yet another podcast and what they have planned for it. And discuss what’s happening at this years Global Service Jam.

Find out more about the Jams: http://globaljams.org

The home of this podcast: http://globaljams.org/podcast 

Posted by Gerry Scullion

Founder of This is HCD and host of Bringing Design Closer. Founder and CEO of This is Doing Ltd.

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