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We are a fully independent small team of dedicated in creating podcasts that make a difference, courses that empower, and events that ignite movements.

The world needs better designed physical and digital products, better-designed services, and better systems connecting all of these - fast.

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Our audience.

Educated and empowered.

Our audience loves our content. From our data, we have listeners all over the world. Many works for large technology organisations and Governments.

Our network.

Diverse by intent.

We have many invited guests, and strive for an inclusive roster of guests, not only related to gender, but also in terms of mindset, backgrounds and perspective. We are always looking to improve and are not claiming to be 100% perfect and are always open to speaking to new and fresh faces within the world of HCD and Design generally.

We have one main podcast (This is HCD) and several other podcasts that feed off this main podcast.

These are;

- Bringing Design Closer (embedding design into organisations)
- World Wide Waste (Sustainability and how digital is destroying the planet)

We still host episodes of previous podcasts such as;

- Powers of Ten (relocated)
- Ethnopod (on hiatus)
- ProdPod (retired)
- Culture Cast (retired)
- Doing Design Podcast (retired)
- Moments of Change (on hiatus)

Our numbers.

We have grown organically.

Starting in 2017, where we had 35,000 downloads in our first year (and were blown away by this) we now fluctuate between 10-20k downloads per month. Podcast subscribers are hard to calculate due to the large amount of systems that are used, but we estimate to have between 5,000-6,000 active subscribers.

Data accuarate: July 2022.

Previous sponsors.

We have worked with some of the best.

We are the Human Centered Design Network, and pride ourselves in carefully selecting vendors to work with. To date we have been extremely luck to work with people like Apple, Adobe, MURAL, Pluralsight, Shopify are prime sponsors.

We look for organisations that are open to collaboration to ensure that their messaging works for our audience.

Our audience, our rules.

We don't work with everyone.

We are protective of what we have built, so unfortunately we don't work with everyone.

We will not engage with any fast food businesses, gambling businesses, oil businesses or organisations such as Nestle, Coke, or PepsiCo, or META.

Our ideal partners are intent on making the world a better place through inclusion and work responsibly.

Sorry if this comes across as being harsh, and if you work for any of the above, I encourage you to explore alternative employment.

Our Sponsors

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