Guest Testimonials

We have been creating podcasts for the change-maker community since 2017, starting out in the wonderful city of Sydney, and now based out of Dublin, Ireland.

I loved meeting Gerry for the first time, even if it was remotely I felt like we were in the same room and for some reason I already knew him from a long time ago, like a friend... It was our first ICHIGO ICHIE moment. ICHIGO ICHIE means en Japanese "for this time only", and "once in a lifetime".Thank you,

Hector Garcia, Author of The Journey to Ikigai

I loved our conversation on a wide range of design and research topics. It's great to be interviewed by such a talented podcaster who does his research and clearly knows the discipline deeply. Thank you!

Karel Vredenburg,
VP, IBM Global Client Insights & Research

Wow – what a blast! Thank you for such a brilliant conversation! Now I am looking for another product/ service to launch as fast as I can, just to be in Gerry’s podcast again! Thank you for this nice experience.

Frank Müeller, PlayMobil Pro

Thanks for making me feel so at ease.  The whole process of recording the podcast was straightforward and easy, and the experience itself was wonderful.  The conversation flowed, the connections abounded and I left feeling uplifted.  Thank you!

Bronwyn van der Merwe, Functions Lead, Accenture Song Australia

Participating in "This is HCD" was a great experience of discovering new perspectives on one's own work, triggered by Gerry's smart questions and combined in a nice and relaxed conversation atmosphere."

Darjan Hill, Co-Author of Visualising Complexity

Diving in conversation with Gerry about design is like hot springs at the end of a hike: relaxing, nourishing, and by the time you’re done you want to do it all over again.

Greg Bernarda, Co-Author of Value Proposition Design, Strategyzer

Gerry is a very thoughtful and well informed interviewer, and asked me really interesting questions.

Prof Sonia Livingstone, London School of Economics

Gerry is an expert at creating a relaxed, communicative, and open space on his podcast. His questions are thoughtful and relevant and enhance the depth and flow of the conversation. The whole experience was a pleasure and left me feeling that he understood deeply where I was coming from and was genuinely interested in drawing that out and making it clear. I would highly recommend the experience. Thanks, Gerry.

Mike Parker, Founder of Liminal Coaching

My first ever Podcast .. a step into the exciting unknown but made all the easier with Gerry. It felt like a naturally flowing conversation and its now ignited a spark to make me want to and feel I can do more Podcasts !!
Gerry has curated such an interesting mix of people for his podcasts - well worth engaging with him if he asks you to record one with him and /or to listen to his exisiting ones.

Suzanne Hanway, Occupational Therapy Consultant

Don't mistake his breezy demeanor for a lack of seriousness—he's just so good that he makes it look easy! I was amazed at Gerry's ability to listen intently, think and read ahead, and speak comfortably to the audience, all in parallel.

Leon Barnard, Co-Author 'Wireframing for Everyone' and Team Manager at Balsamiq

I honestly couldn't tell when the recording started during our conversation. It was so natural and fun and engaging. Gerry's a great podcast host and I had a ton of fun being on the show.

Jeff Gothelf, Author & Keynote Speaker

When it comes to HCD, the human element should always take centre stage. From the moment I connected with Gerry over the screen, I was struck by his calm, measured, and well-prepared questions that sparked engaging and enthusiastic discussions. Gerry's noble purpose of sharing valuable learnings with the global design community is truly outstanding, and I commend him for his dedication to this cause. I'm more than happy to provide support wherever I can

Dr Munib Karavdic, CEO WAVE Design, Conjoint Professor, Design & innovation, UNSW Australia

Gerry is a great connector and interviewer - he made it easy for me to share stories and examples of the work we do. I highly recommend Gerry's podcast and HCD courses to anyone wanting to know about anything related to Human-centered Design.

Elliott Nelson, CEO of

Talking with Gerry feels like a conversation with a friend, a like-minded expert and a soulmate. It is co-creating with words on the fly

Christof Zürn, Founder of Creative Companion and author of The Power of Music Thinking and the Jam Cards

Gerry is an incredible soul. Full of heart, wit, and kindness - I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him. Notably he made me have a few belly laughs and even tear up a bit. While we've never met in person, I see him as a good friend from a far. I hope our paths cross some day!

Mike Rios, Head of Digital X, United Nations Development Programme

Talking with Gerry feels like a conversation with a friend, a like-minded expert and a soulmate. It is co-creating with words on the fly

Christof Zürn, Founder of Creative Companion and author of The Power of Music Thinking and the Jam Cards