We have compiled some tips to help make the recording experience as fun as possible!

We record primarily online, and with the global-pandemic, looks like it will be our preferred method for the forseeable future.

The world needs better designed physical and digital products, better-designed services, and better systems connecting all of these - fast.

Get connected.

Use an ethernet cable.

It goes without saying, but you will need a high-quality internet connection, and ideally via an ethernet cable, as wifi can sometimes drop out.

Quiet space.

Find a place with soft furnishings.

A quiet space amongst soft furnishings is ideal. Hard surfaces like glass and tiles create a very lively room, and as a result, adds to some complexity in editing at the end.

USB microphone.

A good mic will make the world of difference.

A USB microphone like a Blue Yeti is ideal. If you don’t have a USB powered mic, a gaming headset with a microphone on it is probably second best, and lastly, built-in earphones are the last resort. You can pick up a pretty decent USB mic for under $100 on Amazon, and you can use it for all your video conference calls – your colleagues will thank you for it!

Turn off syncing.

Are you using Dropbox, Box or Google Drive locally?

When recording, shut off Dropbox, Google Drive and BOX. All of these can take some bandwidth and we want to ensure we are getting the highest quality available.

Modern browser.

Try and avoid old versions and use Firefox or Chrome.

Use a modern web browser to connect to the session. Make sure it is updated and everything is working before you get on the call. We have started using Webcams as part of the recording process, so if you prefer not to show your face, that is okay! But it’s something to be aware of.

No iPads or Tablets.

In order to use the best recording tools, you will need a computer.

iPads don't run the same kit as a full browser, so you will need to use a computer.

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